Chemainus Jazz Festival, August 19 and 20, 2017
A festival of traditional, New Orleans jazz

The 2018 Chemainus Jazz Festival will take place on Sunday, August 19, and will feature an afternoon of traditional, New Orleans jazz.

Admission is a suggested donation $20 for the afternoon.

Sunday, August 19, 2018. Starting at 2:00 PM

2:00 pm
Avram McCagherty

The first act, at 2:00 PM, will be Avram McCagherty and his All-Star line-up, featuring members from such great bands as The Stomp Club, the Capital City Syncopators and Canus. The group will perform their fresh interpretation of Traditional Swing and Prohibition Era music.

Avram McCagherty - vocals, banjo, guitar.
Tom Ackerman - clarinet
Alfons Fear - trumpet
Doug Rhodes - bass, bass sax
Damian Graham - drums

3:15 pm
Jack Ray's Milk Crate Bandits

The Milk Crate Bandits make music to make you dance, smile and party. It’s music born on the streets. Walking down the streets of Vancouver, you’ll see them on their stolen plastic thrones, playing the sounds of New Orleans. Yes, some may say they’re crooks but the petty theft of a milk crate from a back alley is surely absolved by the love they’ll give you if you come and listen. The joy of the music will make you jump, holler and shout and some even say that being party to a misdemeanour makes it all the more fun!

4:30 pm
Bastion Band - Stephen Brown

The band, a group of like-minded musicians, formed in 1982, perform traditional New Orleans jazz, along with some roots country, blues, and R & B. Lyrical, bluesy, and unhurried, the Bastion Band treats fans to an evening of music rarely heard outside of the Crescent City. Featuring compositions of Jelly Roll Morton, WC Handy, Bessie Smith, and Louis Armstrong, plus roots country, folk, blues, and rock music from the golden era, the Bastion Band carries on a tradition that's been alive for over one hundred years. This is a six piece band, although the lineup does sometimes change, this is the line-up most commonly seen:

Stephen Brown - piano, guitar, and vocals
Denny Box - drums
Aaron Watson - guitar, accordion, and saw (yes, the saw)
Alfons Fear - trumpet
Joe Hatherill - clarinet
Joey Smith - double bass

5:45 pm
Aaron Watson

Watch this space for more news about Aaron Watson's band...

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